From off-site or remote tape storage to disaster recovery and online backup, organisations of every size trust Iron Mountain for their data protection and recovery needs. The reason: superior security and reliability, better control of data and faster recovery from data losses, failures and disasters.

Any company seeking effective remote data protection and recovery needs:

  • Disaster recovery that is as fast and complete as possible
  • Management of the increasing cost and complexity of data growth
  • Compliance with regulations that demand uniform processes and accountability

No one has more proven experience in helping small, medium and large companies face these possible data loss and recovery challenges. Iron Mountain services are designed to mitigate risks and help deliver fast and full data recovery.

Offsite tape vaulting & disaster recovery

For many businesses, off-site tape vault storage continues to be a practical and cost-effective solution for backup and archiving data and information. We offer a full range of flexible off-site tape storage and management services.

We can help you securely manage and protect the increasing volume and complexity of data in any format. Our industry-leading services enable you to store, access and manage information for recovery, compliance and legal discovery. Iron Mountain offers off-site remote backup programmes and online backup and archiving solutions for the data centre, distributed servers, PCs, Macs and remote devices. We also provide services for email management, data restoration, data destruction, de-duplication and eDisclosure / eDiscovery.