Don't Let Your Documents Become a Liability - Shred.

With Iron Mountain’s Secure Shredding services, you'll be able to safely and cost-effectively destroy unnecessary paper-based documents. Offsite, one-time or recurring, our solutions are tailored to you. Email Us

Why Shred?

  • Shredding helps protect your reputation by protecting your important company information as well as your customers’ confidential information.
  • Shredding can reduce the costs of managing information that is no longer useful, pertinent or necessary to your business
  • Shredding can help ensure compliance with federal, state, industry and credit card regulations for information destruction to help you avoid penalties, fines, or even legal action.

Compliant Information Destruction Programs

Iron Mountain has pioneered a program-focused approach to the proper disposal and secure shredding of sensitive paper-based documents. We have the experience and expertise to help you create a compliant information destruction program that will protect your company and brand across multiple locations and geographies.