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Scanning & Digitising

Scanning 100% of your documents is rarely a practical or cost-effective strategy. Frequently accessed documents are scanned and available immediately; rarely accessed documents are scanned on demand. Our system minimises your conversion costs while meeting your access requirements.

Intelligent Scanning

Iron Mountain can streamline your ability to store, access and manage documents while cutting costs.

We can:

  • Scan and digitise new information
  • Digitise existing paper documents
  • Archive for maximum security and accessibility

Managing the Digital Transition

We offer:

  • Bulk scanning of archived documents
  • Same-day scanning of new documents as part of your workflow
  • On-demand scanning of paper records stored with us
  • OCR text rendering - Our software can extract data from forms automatically, and can even read barcodes and handwriting
  • Best practices for document security, access, and compliance

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